The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha'at) was established in 2016 with the aim of regulating, supporting, developing and sponsoring the SME sector in the Kingdom in accordance with global best practices, in order to increase the productivity of SMEs and their contribution to GDP from 20% to 35% by 2030.

Monsha'at is mandated with developing, implementing, and supporting programs and projects that foster a culture of self-employment, entrepreneurship, and innovation. It strives to diversify the funding sources provided to enterprises, support the initiatives within the venture capital sector, develop policies and standards to funding small and medium projects. Such measures will uncover a realm of endless possibilities for SMEs to unlock their full potential as they grow their administrative, technical, financial,marketing, human resources capabilities.

Moreover, Monsha'at supports the process of establishing companies specialized in funding, activating and encouraging banks and loan funds to assume a more prominent role in investing and funding enterprises, creating and supporting programs to develop projects, and establishing comprehensive service center to issue all statutory requirements through in-person and virtual participation of public and private stakeholders.

To that end, Monsha'at is acting ahead of the curve by anticipating and resolving administrative, organizational, procedural, data, and marketing barriers facing SMEs in collaboration with stakeholders. With a mindset that forecasts untapped opportunities, Monsha'at cultivates and organizes technology and business incubators, developing programs and initiatives to unfold investment opportunities for SMEs to penetrate the market. These initiatives are designed to further technology knowledge-transfer and boost SMEs' performance and productivity, including supply chains. Monsha'at is joining forces with ministries, authorities, government entities, and NGOs to further collaboration and alignment in all areas.

 Monsha'at organizes and participates in conferences, forums, meetings, local and international exhibitions, and other related events and works on transforming its outcomes and recommendations into reality. Research and innovation are integral to the way Monsha'at operates.


To empower SMEs sector to drive the growth of Saudi Arabia’s economy and realize Vision 2030 objectives and beyond.


Supporting the growth and competitiveness of SMEs by cultivating a growth-oriented entrepreneurial environment and leading collaboration with our strategic partners in public, private, and non-profit sectors locally and internationally.

Strategic Objectives

 Inspiring Environment

    Addressing and resolving the basic needs of SMEs to form a catalyst of new opportunities for growth.

Promising Enterprises

Providing services and business opportunities to unlock the growth and competitiveness of SMEs.


Entrepreneurial Community

Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and supporting ambitious entrepreneurs to increase the rate of establishing new companies.

Strategic Pillars