1. What is the role of the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority?

The role of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monsha’at” is to empower small and medium enterprises, and create a stimulating environment and an entrepreneurial society that put the Kingdom in a leadership position among the economies that depend on small and medium enterprises.


  1. Who is the Target Audience of “Monsha’at”?

Entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises, and owners of ideas.


  1. What does “Monsha’at” offer?

“Monsha’at” provides a number of services and programs that target establishments in their various stages.

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  1. How can I determine the size of my business or enterprise?

The classification of any enterprise, business, or company is based on two basic criteria, which are the number of full-time employees and the volume of revenues together.

Any establishment that exceeds any of these two criteria, it is classified according to the larger size.


  • Micro-enterprises

Has 1 to 5 full-time employees with revenues from zero to 3M Saudi Riyals

  • Small enterprise:

Has 6 to 49 full-time employees with revenues from 3 to 40M Saudi Riyals

  • Medium enterprise:

Has 50 to 249 full-time employees with revenues from 40 to 200M Saudi Riyals.


  1. Does “Monsha’at” offer direct financing?

There is no direct funding.


  1. Does “Monsha’at” have a training service?

Yes. “Monsha’at” provides a number of training programs through support centers or Monshaat Academy. Click Here to access Monsha’at Academy


  1. Do “Monsha’at” provide consultancy or guidance services?

Yes. They can be provided either through support centers or Nawafith App.


  1. Are there fees for the services provided by "Monshaat"?

No. There is no fee for any provided service.



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