Complaints and Customer Satisfaction Policy

Complaints and Customer Satisfaction Policy


Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority adheres to handle complaints coming through its official contacting channels. Monshaat works on all organizational levels with an inclusive structure to enhance and improve the decision-making process.


Aligned with ISO criteria 10002 in handling complaints, Monshaat aims to:

1- Seeking feedback on notes and suggestions to improve in advance.

2- Welcoming unsatisfied customers' complaints about services, decisions, or procedures in Monshaat.

3- Provide a process for handling complaints that is easy to reach and is responsible and clear.

4- Considering customers’ notes and complaints inputs to build knowledge and improve the services.

5- Pledged to offer high quality service through collaborating with relevant administrations to meet customers wishes and desires and exceed their expectations.

6- Monshaat applies a number of regulations as following:

-        Clarity: the availability of information about how and where to apply a complaint through official connection channels.

-        Accessibility: enabling customer experience management to reach all customers, receive their complaints and guarantee the ease of use and the complete understanding for the structure of handling complaints. also, to guarantee the flexibility and diversity of handling complaints that meet the customer needs.

-        Response: seeking to handle all complaints as soon as possible according to the best international criteria, and to keep customers informed with the progress regarding their complaints.

-        Objectivity: Handling each complaint in a professional, fair, transparent, unbiased and objective way. and to neutrally evaluate customer service employees by the quality of calls and their ability to respond, and to stick to the regulations and instructions.

-        Uniqueness of the service: developing their knowledge of leadership skills and procedures, to enhance the uniqueness culture in customer service.

-        Continuous Improvement: The use of handling complaints results and feedback from customers to improve and enhance internal procedures in the Monshaat system.

-        Confidentiality: and that is through handling all complaints and customer’s data in complete confidentiality and within certain criteria that is under continuous revision.

-        Ensuring that all Monshaat’s Employees have complete knowledge and understanding of the complaints handling policy.

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