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  • March 2020

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As part of its efforts to develop the capabilities and refine the skills of entrepreneurs and SMEs, and to promote and raise awareness about entrepreneurship, "Monsha’at Academy" offers numerous activities and a range of training programs, both virtual and in-person. These programs aim to develop competencies, transfer knowledge, and facilitate the exchange of experiences across more than 14 fields. The objective is to support and assist entrepreneurs and enterprises in accelerating their growth, expanding their businesses, and ensuring their sustainability. Additionally, the programs aim to upgrade and develop competencies in areas such as management, technical expertise, and financial aspects within these enterprises.

Feel free to visit the "Monsha’at Academy" platform and explore the free programs offered, taking confident steps towards a steadfast future.

Steps to Access Monsha’at Academy and Benefit form Provided Programs

How to Join Monsha’at Academy

Go to the Academy's website, then click on the "Login" button located at the top of the page

You can log in either with your "Absher" account (Unified National Access), or with your Monsha’at account

Enter the code sent to your registered mobile number with "Absher", then fill in the required information to join the “Monsha’at Academy”

Activate your account at “Monsha’at Academy” through the link sent to your email

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